Teaching and Service

Teaching Experience

I teach a mixture of classes in Security Studies and American Politics as well as first- and second-year seminars at Wartburg College. To date, those courses include the following:

  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Introduction to American Politics
  • State and Local Politics
  • Asking Questions, Making Choices (First-year seminar)
  • Living in a Diverse World (Second-year seminar)

I taught the following classes as the instructor of record at the University of Cincinnati and Georgetown University:

I also recorded a lecture on U.S. foreign policy for a team-taught massive open online course, “How the U.S. Government Works & How to Get Involved,” which went online in 2018.

In addition to my experience as an instructor, I served as a teaching assistant for the following courses at Georgetown University (expect where noted):

  • International Security – Prof.  Michael Brown (Fall 2020, Syllabus & Course Evaluations [George Washington University, Master’s in Security Policy Studies])
  • Understanding Trump’s Foreign Policy – Prof. Daniel Byman (Spring 2018 and Spring 2017, Syllabus [one-credit course])
  • Comparative Political Systems – Prof. Charles King (Spring 2017, Syllabus)
  • Elements of Political Theory – Prof. Joshua Cherniss (Fall 2016, Syllabus)
  • Introduction to International Relations – Prof. Andrew O. Bennett (Spring 2015, Syllabus) and Prof. Lise Howard (Fall 2014, Syllabus)

Disciplinary Service

I currently serve as the Teaching Editor at H-Diplo, in which capacity I curate open-access teaching resources relevant to International Relations and Diplomatic History, including an occasional series of teaching roundtables. More recently, I have also become a Review Editor for H-Diplo, which means I organize stand-alone and roundtable reviews such as this. Since August 2022, I have also served as a member of the editorial board of PS: Political Science and Politics, and I have served as an occasional peer reviewer for various journals.