My research uses early U.S. relations with Native nations to speak to ongoing theoretical and policy debates in International Relations. I have presented research at various conferences and workshops, and my work has been supported by Georgetown’s Department of Government and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the Notre Dame International Security Center, and the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center at the University of Oklahoma. I defended my dissertation in August of 2020, and I am working to turn that project into a book in the near future.


  • The Frontiers of American Grand Strategy: Settlers, Elites, and the Standing Army in America’s Indian Wars (available here)

Refereed Publications

  • “Do Accidental Wars Happen? Evidence From America’s Indian Wars,” Journal of Global Security Studies (forthcoming). <>
  • (with Matthew E. Carnes) “Assessing an Undergraduate Curriculum: The Evolving Roles of Subfields, Methods, Ethics, and Writing for Government Majors,” PS: Political Science and Politics 50, 1 (2018): 178-182. <>

Works under Review

  • (with Tobias Lemke) “Doing Historical International Relations” – (introduction to a forum; received a conditional acceptance from the Cambridge Review of International Affairs in May 2021; latest draft available here).
  • “Bringing (Inter)National History into ‘Introduction to International Relations’” – (received a conditional acceptance from Learning and Teaching in December 2020; latest draft available here).
  • “Foreign or Domestic? Securitization and the Bureaucratic Politics of Indian Affairs” (part of a special issue on Indigenous politics; submitted in April 2021; latest draft available here).

Works in Progress

  • “The Frontiers of U.S. Grand Strategy: Territorial Expansion in Principle and Practice″ (working paper available here).
  • Pandemic Pedagogy: Teaching International Relations amid COVID-19 (editor and contributor, under contract with Palgrave Macmillan for a May 2021 delivery date).
  • “Bringing Indigenous Experiences into the Political Science Classroom” (working paper available here).

Other Publications